Talk About Pictures : TV Show Gold from the 80’s

I brought this show to your attention over 5 years ago. You will not believe the gold that is in here.

In a simple Interview format, ala Charlie Rose, Life Photographer Leigh Wiener and photo enthusiast and perennial sidekick, George Fenneman, interviewed photographers and talked about their work for 130 episodes of an Emmy Award winning program.
While on a set, I met the son of Mr. Wiener who shared with us the incredible archive of his father, along with select episodes of this program.
These interviews need to be seen. Ansel Adams, Joe Rosenthal, Andreas Feniger, Henry Diltz, even Graham Nash, who discusses collecting, as well.
In this clip vid, are just tastes of some of the materials.

Sound still needs to be equalized, and the shows were originally produced on 2″ Quad Video tape. Yeah, exactly. Hard to find machines that can playback that format, if you even knew what they were.
I’m working with the estate to find the perfect outlet for these programs and sponsors to cover the cost of post production on these valuable materials.
The world of photography needs them.
Sorry, they won’t just be posted on youtube for free.
If you would like more info, or better yet, can help this dream be realized, contact me at

This is truly a rich, vein of gold for the photographic world.

Katy Winn on Fashion Week Photography

It’s baaaack!
Fashion Week is coming to NYC again this week, and it seemed like a right time to hear from Katy Winn, photographer who has covered the event around the world.
What we love about Katy is her no BS, straightforward thoughts on the subject.

And of course, if you have the time, check out her “What’s In The Bag” recent video, where you can see what, and why, she uses certain gear to get the job done.

Canon introduces EOS 5DSi & 5DS Ri: Over 50 mp in your hand!

The rumor mills have been creating the pre-buzz on this new camera for awhile.
50.6 dang MEGAPIXELS!
The MP wars are over? I think not.
Get ready to upgrade your media cards as well, as your wallets:Prices of $3,699.00 and $3,899.00 for the body only, respectively.
Reasonable actually, for the product. You do have some time to save up: These won’t be avail til June, 2015.
Aimed at the medium format user, these are not speed demons designed for sports, but for the commercial, studio, portrait, landscape and architectural photographer.
Now, this camera was in my hands for less than 45 min., so all I can say is, based your excitement on the track record of Canon. Once I can shoot with this, you’ll get a full review.

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Olloclip Lenses for iPhone 6 : And we’re back……

It’s a vicious cycle.
We buy the latest smartphones with better cameras, and as photographers, we want to add some lenses for versatility.
But the lenses need to change with the new smartphone design cycles, so they fit over the new phone lenses.
We all know that.
And the manufacturers of all of these lenses, need to retool every time. Another sale, but another new product needs to be developed.
OK, no surprises here, and it is an unfortunate fact.
There is a set of lenses I use with everyone phone style change: Olloclip.
They are real glass lenses, metal lens barrels, and designed by a company that loves what the lenses are made for: photography.
I have had many discussions with the owners over the years, and I have to say, the excitement that they have over each new product development shows how much they care and make the lenses as much for themselves as for all of us.
Now available for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the first round was then ever popular wide angle and fisheye. Sure, a good parlor trick, and makes group photos a breeze.
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Triggertrap Mobile : Adding Controls Your Camera Never Had

Every time you upgrade your camera to the latest model, new features are usually found in the menu: Facial Recognition, Panoramic, simple HDR, basic Time Lapse, etc..
But there things that may never be added.
Features that are dependent on things like motion and sound sensors. Things that you may have in your smartphone. Like an accelerometer.
Triggertrap has been working in this space for years now, ever since their very popular Kickstarter campaign, and their latest one for the new Ada camera trigger.
If you would like a robust, easy to use, remote control for your camera that is so much more than a plain shutter release, I’ve got to recommend the Triggertrap Mobile. And they take the basic extras in your feature set, and supersize them.


Using a connection cable specific to your camera, a dongle that holds the magic, and another cable to connect to your smartphone, Android or iOS, you can use an free app, that does a ton and for a low cost. About $35.

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