Lynn Goldsmith : Streets Of NYC @ Morrison Hotel Gallery

u2 on street in nyc st patricks parade no 2U2, NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade, 1982 ©Lynn Goldsmith/courtesy of Morrison Hotel Gallery

One thing you have to love about New York City is the incredible amount of quality photography at any given time.
While Upper East Side has AIPAD right now, Soho, and Morrison Hotel Gallery in particular, has some of the best portraits of the rock world you will ever see, by Lynn Goldsmith.
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AIPAD @35: A Return To Photographic Essence

The Park Avenue Armory in NYC is now showing the 35th year of the Association of International Photographic Art Dealers, and this year is spectacular!
With a first pass along the perimeter and the lanes, the showing of 89 different dealers photo dealers in this elegant space felt like an overall return to a greater sense of the classic sense of photography.
2 years ago we saw dealers searching for a voice in a new world, it seemed.
Last year was a cacophony of imagery that must not have found it’s mark with collectors.
I say that because the feeling this year is more like smooth, quality, jazz, with a respect to traditional photography, beautiful presentations of mid-century work, and a nod to the brand new in fewer galleries. The new work is still there, but not as brash as before.

Speaking about the presentations, there is a holistic feeling to the show, where the work shines. This year, there are more privacy coves within the displays, so you get a better sense of being alone with the work. Brilliant!

Now the work: It opens with a walk past some Annie Leibowitz photographs that you may not expect. No person appears in them.
Go around the corner and you’ll see massive new print from Alex Soth. Again, new work by a current master, from an emerging series. Fresh.
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Nikon J5 – Update On the Compact Coming Soon

Nikon has announced the next generation in their mirrorless One series. The J5 is on its way.
They know their customers and have continued to deliver a camera that does just what they want.
This series has proven to be a star performer in the Asian market but has been a little slower going in the US.
Not quite sure why.
With a simplicity of operation, and a small footprint, this camera is the perfect performer to capture a families lives, without the sometimes perceived complexity of a DSLR. Even at the beginner level of DSLRs I have hear too many folks say that it is too much camera for them, and they retreat to a smartphone. The things they’ll miss is a shame
This J5 camera has a shooting frame rate that will get that incredible moment in the young athletes life, for instance. When she throws that blazing fastball, you’ll be covered. 20 frames a second should get that precise moment. And it’s 20.8 MP 1″ sensor should get the quality you want. Or switch to video mode.
You want to shoot the important moments no matter where you are. Or what the light is like.
Nikon’s famous for their low light capability in all of the product line, and that experience is in this camera with an ISO range from 160-12,800.
With NFC and built in Wi-Fi via Nikon’s Snapbridge, you can share the magic, pretty darn fast. Get your instagram game stronger than ever.
OK, you’ve seen way too many selfie sticks, right? The LCD on this camera flips up 180º.
Small size, interchangable lenses, wi-fi, and the rest?
Look like the right choice for the family camera. And with that pocket size, and solid optics could it be a discrete street shooter?
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David Douglas Duncan : My 20th Century


We are lucky to have some of the photographic masters still with us. I say      that, because photography is still a relatively young medium, and it’s    prevalence in our lives came to be within the last century.
One if the finest photojournalists and war photographers is David Douglas  Duncan, and at age 99, has put together his final book, My 20th Century  Here is an interview with him, on the occasion of the publication.

While filled with his iconic images of World War II and Vietnam, most recently I was re-aquainted with his work with Picasso.

By knocking on this door, he forged a relationship with the artist and his companion, Jacqueline.

This past fall, there was an encompassing exhibit called  Picasso and Jacqueline at the PAce Gallery in NYC. TWhen you arrived , the first rooms walls were filled with the images of the couple , made by David Douglas Duncan.

That started a whole new appreciation of the photographer for me.

His intimacy and access with photojournalistic subjects during wartime, was played out in the apparent friendship, and record of a couples life and love for one another.

He now lives in the south of France.

Back to the book.

When I moved from California to NYC, I left about 90 boxes of books in storage, and have a real love for the well made photobook.

There is something happening in the world of photobooks these days, however.

I’m not sure if the advent of tablets and the possibility of looking at images on a retina screen is the way we are going.

What I do know is that I wish the current crop of photobooks were larger. Like this one.

It does give you a taste of this giants work. There are a few too many mages, full bleed, over 2 pages. My pet peeve is photographs that get spread over 2 pages, destroying the intent of the whole image. Either make the image smaller or the book bigger.

You see, this is why I think about the download of a photo book. No photos stuck in the gutter of a book. Better.

This is an important book, especially since it was overseen by the photographer himself. At a cost of $19 at Amazon you can’t go wrong. But I’d do a downloaded version, if available.

VR Is In The Beginning of the Beginning

444429-carl-zeiss-vr-oneVR-(virtual reality): This refers to content created in a 360º environment and viewed using special goggles.
As image makers, we should all be aware of the ways images can be made. This technology is young for acceptance into the culture, so consider this an early adopter look.
At SXSW interactive this year, I figured it would be the chatter and not the conversation. There were numerous panels and presentation on all aspects.
Some basic learning’s:
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