Scan Your memories For The Holidays : Epson V850

You are probably the chronicler of your family and friends.
Even if you make your living with photography, you’ve been called on to capture the moments in your personal life.
Chances are the request wasn’t a burden, but a joy.
Chances are your early beginnings with photography was spent taking photos of those close to you.
And who came before you in this role? A parent? An older sibling, or relative who always had that camera at family gatherings?
Someone did.
And now, as we start headlong into the season of gathering with loved ones, your skill and insights can bring a gift to your circle that is better than anything Black Friday can deliver.
Memories of a shared life.
Most likely you have access to prints, negatives, and possibly slides from generations past. Heck, it’s not that long ago that digital was not the norm.
I’d like to suggest you create a folder, a book, a site, filled with images you’ve curated of lives around you. Scanning will help you do this. And photoshop will help you restore these photos and documents.

Share it on line, hard copy, airplay, on your phone, Apple TV.
Momalonesepia3aThe first time I tried photoshop and scanning was to make a book of my mothers life when she turned 80. By reaching out to family members for photos and documents, I learned how to scan properly, and use Photoshop to repair images that had been creased, crumpled, marked up.
I had to.
It was a project of passion and love.
OK, I wasn’t great. It was my first time out.
So now, a project to keep your history alive is one I’d like to propose to you as a very special gift for those around you.
It’s been a few years since I completed that project, and the technology has had great leaps.
In looking to update my own personal history, I started to investigate the best tech gear to use.
In a review a few weeks ago, I told you about the Epson V850. Hands down the best unit for this project, and affordable. Heck you can even go a model number down, and get good results. If you invest in the top of the line you will get better software and I know, have this unit for a long time.
You know Photoshop, so if you don’t have it, get it. And get some training, or even Adobe’s own videos to learn.

So there you have it: The first Holiday Gift Guide Item that is a sweet piece of gear, utilizes content you have, and will bring a smile to those you share with, as well as yourself.

Just a thought.

The Perfect Photography Gift from Aperture

The holidays are coming up fast. Everyone may be asking you what you would like.
But you already have a lot of the things you need to make great images, right?
What could you ask for? Updated software, a new tripod, that sweet lens you’ve been lusting after, a large capacity, but boring superfast media card, or hard drive?
How about something unique that is a gift that keeps on giving year after year?
I’m talking about the newly released Aperture Magazine Archive, Cover to Cover, now available for subscription. And here’s the coolest part: you get the entire run from the beginning, and they keep updating it with the latest issues.
Yep, so for the cost of a digital subscription, you get the entire archive!
This beautifully made photography magazine has been around since 1952, and continues to bring us all the best in fine art photography.
This was the magazine I cherished in college, and continues to be a go-to high quality magazine bring me the latest new images and articles in the photo world.
When I subscribed to the hard copy,the magazine would stack up in my apartment till I would run out of room. Eventually they were donated to a local school.
So I went digital.
And now this on-line archive allows me to use the magazine as an amazing resource to look up photographers work, subjects, and articles online like never before.
This system is extremely easy to use, and is a complete file of all of the issues. With this deal, you don’t just get the archive: with your subscription to the archive, you get a living, breathing, current subscription, so you can keep up with what’s going now.
For the lover of photography, the photo student or historian, it’s an invaluable resource. And a perfect gift.
As I like to say, packs small, plays big. Plus you can renew the subscription yearly, so you know what you’re giving next year as well.
With a deep search engine, you can go to years:

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 7.46.08 AM


Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 7.45.00 AM

and even just search photographers names, Like Edward Weston:

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 7.49.18 AM

or simply subject:

And you can check out the mag layout and get right to the article you wanted.


Yes, I had a reviewers code to browse for a limited time, so I could explore the site. I’ll be honest, it’s pretty sleek design, and doesn’t have a lot of trick features. It just works.
So if you’ve read this far,
It’s worth it, and I’m subscribing.

Je t’aime Paris


The atrocity that took place in Paris this weekend, was a horrific world changing event.

For years, Paris-Photo has been the great grandfather of photo art fairs. I was lucky to attend for many sessions, and make good friends with the photographers there and from around the world.

Many of my global friends still attend, and this weekend was the final weekend of events and the exhibits around the city.

It is forever changed.

Thank you, FaceBook for enabling your “Friend are Marked Safe” feature so we all could see that many of our loved ones are safe.

My thoughts are with those who are there.

Viva La France!

The Gear That Just Works, Day After Day

As we head into another season of gifting, self gifting, replacing gear before year end, and buying new gear, your photographic spending dollars are precious.
There will be coming reviews of gear I’ve found to be useful additions, or worth checking out, but first….

Let’s talk for a moment about the gear that just works day after day, all the time, trusted parts of the kit.

I’m only going to discuss the equipment that has stood the test of a daily grind, and not the goods that have the simple joy of trying a couple of times, and relegating to a closet or storage, or ebay.
We’re talking cameras and the things that carry them.

First up is the subject of camera bags. Continue Reading »

Lily Deanne : The Latest Line of Camera Bags From ThinkTank Photo

Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer, Deanne Fitzmaurice knows what makes a great camera bag. As a working photographer and partner in the best camera bag company around, she knows how necessity is the mother of invention, and her company listens to you and the legions of photographers out there about their needs.
And because of that she and one of their top designers, Lily Fisher, came up with what I think is one of the smartest camera bags for the photographer who needs to class it up a bit: Lily Deanne
Lily Deanne Chestnut Hero Group lowres
They have aimed the line, LilyDeanne, towards woman, as they saw the need for a real working bag that had beautiful style, functionality, and was not too girly, as they put it.
Mission accomplished!
Now you can work an event, with the discretion, and smoothness of carrying a handbag. And all the swet ThinkTank Functionality baked right in.
Have a look:


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