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Although we all have a bit of G.A.S. (Gear Aquisition Syndrome), and we are all over the multiple screens, there are times you should really kick back, and visit some museums and galleries to see what photography looks like on the walls.
And there is some fantastic work out there right now.
In LA (actually Santa Monica):
Peter Fetterman Gallery
American Masters: The Silver Print.
This is an incredible collection from one of the top gallerists in the world, Peter Fetterman. If you have ever considered collection fine photography, your dream collection is here.
From the release:
Ansel Adams (1902-1984) famously said, “the negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print
the performance.” Few statements in the history of photography have so simply expressed the importance and
unique qualities of the print as the final realization of the artist’s intent. The hand-made photographic print, still
an adolescent in the history of fine art mediums, is sculpted by darkroom techniques and only rarely mastered
through countless hours of experimentation and skilled devotion. The aesthetic fruits of their labor, the subtle
variations and rich tonalities of each unique print, are what set these darkroom gems apart from the more easily
replicated contemporary processes and further establishes their significance among more historical mediums of
fine art. These rare masters, and the techniques themselves, are an increasingly endangered species as digital
processes and the use of computer produced prints continue to overshadow more traditional methods among
contemporary photographers.

c7cbf42450ac30415ee0a92377e63cdc-1Don Worth
Plumeria Blossoms, Hilo, Hawaii, 1991, Gelatin Silver print
Dates: July 18 – October 17, 2015

One of my favorite places to visit and see exceptional collections is the Getty.
This time they have taken a look at processes, Light, Paper, Process: Reinventing Photography, and while starting of with Man Ray, they continue onto modern images that explore the
the physical way that images are made. From the chemistry to the actual packaging of the photographic paper, creating it’s own shadow and light images.
I usually go more for an illustrative image, but this collection will give you a different perspective on the process of the image.
Here is a video by Allison Rossiter on the subject:

In NY:
Yossi Milo Gallery
Jacob Aue Sobol – Arrivals and Departures

large-jas-01Untitled #06, 1999–2002
From the series Sabine
Gelatin Silver Print

This incredibly strong exhibit of work is another example of why you should see photographs in person. The intense contrast of black and white gives a visceral experience of the grit and rawness of the subjects. Yes, this is a prime example of the photographic arts. And pick up the catalog that accompanies the exhibit. You will want to revisit these images.
Chronicles Jacob Aue Sobol’s travels across the Asian continent by train during 2012-2014, with stops in Moscow, Russia; Ulan Batar, Mongolia and Beijing, China, and numerous rural communities along the way. During three separate month-long trips, Sobol photographed the changing landscape from his window seat, as well as encounters with inhabitants of the locations where he disembarked. Using the camera as a tool to create contact, closeness and intimacy, Sobol’s approach to photography is personal. His voyage along the Trans-Siberian Railway was, he says “an investigation of the emotional states that control us, inspire us, and keep us moving.” The images capture life’s complexities: people, places and the relationships between them.

In the Public Eye
The NY Public Library could be overlooked for their great exhibits, but this one should be on your list.
Combining 2 kind of shows, Public Sharing, which explores the way we exchange our visual experiences start with Daguerre
and goes up to 2013 methods, it supports the concept that photography has always been social. And there is a special integrated section on Street Photography, including one of my favorite masters of that genre, Gary Winogrand. And of course photographers such as Helen Levitt, Zoe Leonard, and more.
And you can start with a self portrait, suitable for sharing at the entrance to the show. They have set up a mirrior with type on the floor to help complete the deal.

Nikon Updates The Standards..Plus!

The main lens on my Nikon is the 24-70mm, f/ 2.8.
It serves me well. A little heavy, not the VR as in some others in the bag, but solid,crisp,and a worker.
Add the 70-200 2.8, a 20mm in the bag and I’m home free.
Then Nikon goes and does this:
3 New lens announcements: a revised 24-70mm, f/2.8, a sweet 200-500mm, f/5.6, and a new fast 24mm, f/1.8 prime. more details below the photos.

On the 24-70mm :
Same weight, more VR, as in 4 stops, and a new filter size: 82 mm-Dang! OK, they are coming out with some new filters to fit the new sizes. The price is about $2400, so about $600 more than the current model. Getting what you paid for.

Not sure if I’m selling my current version, but that VR has me tempted
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Bits and Bobs – Fast Looks At Some New Gear

Lots of new products are coming out to help you shoot, share, transport, maintain, post.
Here is a quick look at products from ThinkTank, LensPen, TinType, Epic.

First up:
My favorite roller bag, the ThinkTank Airport International, has always been a perfect, discreet, plain luggage looking way to travel with your gear.
But when you get to the gig, and everyone else is a smart as you, and has one, how do you differentiate yourself in the sea of black?
Here is a new solution from ThinkTank: colors.
Colored wheels, zipper pulls and handles. Easy to do, and if you just needed that wheel upgrade or repair, here is a full up way to do it.
Roller Flare image 3
$35 direct from ThinkTank
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iRig Mic HD – Citizen Journalism On A Budget

The folks at iK Multimedia make some great products for the musician: mics, stands, pre-amps and apps, at a very affordable price for high quality recording tools.
Sure, if you are the next Bob Dylan, this is great news.
I’m not.
I’m a curious tourist who like to capture life around me, either in stills or video.
Truly the iPhone 6 is a brilliant device, and capturing and sharing video and photos couldn’t be easier.
But the built-in microphone is not very discerning.
While on the hunt for a directional, quality mic, that, yes, would plug into my iPhone or iPad, I came across the iRig Mic HD.
With specs like any pro mic, this handheld unit will plug directly into your device, and let you monitor via the headphone jack.
Plus my mic flag fits perfectly.
Now, on the fly, it is a 2 handed deal, yet totally manageable.
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July 4th Fireworks Photos! A Simple Guide to Cool Images

(This is a previously published article, but the fireworks haven’t changed, so it should all still hold true.)

Living in A Powder Keg and Giving Off Sparks!

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