Dads, Grads and Everyone Else on Your Gift List This Month

I just paid 4.70 for a gallon of gas, $5 for a dozen eggs, and the rising costs show no sign of abatement.
(I know our friends outside of the NA continent have been paying waaaaayy more for gas for years. We’re just getting sticker shock now. And every day a new number.)

OK, Fine. Enough with the happy news.

The economy isn’t so great right now, but you still want to give gifts to your photo minded friends and family.
And you should.
But instead of telling you about all of the great lenses, DSLRs, main camera bags, etc., and since the economy is where it’s at, we’re going to give you a list of goodies under $100 USD. Cool?

(maybe not this)

OK what kind of a photo gift would be good for the peeps this month?

You try to Inspire, Educate and Entertain and well, just get them some stuff they can use.
Nobody likes to open a gift box and get socks. You need them, but heck you’ll get them regardless.
A gift should be something a person may not buy for themselves. An indulgence.
Sure, it can be something that will enhance their life in it’s operation, but make sure there is a fun element involved.
Just my 2 cents.

So…here we go!

Starting from lowest to highest:

* We’d highly recco a subscription to either Pop Photo Or American Photo.Classic hobbyist mags.
Spend a little more and get a sub to Aperture: one of the highest quality bound mags on the art of photography.
And for those moving beyond the hobbyist, go to PDN.
All of these are affordable and everytime the giftee get one of these in the mail, an angel gets its wings. I think that would be you.

*Or perhaps this groovy Crumpler pouch for the owner of a point and shoot who loves to keep all the goodies in one place.Most of your favorite bag companies make one of these pups.



*Maybe a photography DVD, either doc or drama:
Heres’ a partial list:
*Salvador – James Wood shows his chops in the story of revolution
*Blow Up – David Hemming plays this David Bailey-esque fashion photog in the London of the 60’s.
*Under Fire – Nick Nolte when he was good
*Alfred Steiglitz: The Eloquent Eye – brilliant doc.
*National Geographic- Through the Lens
*Funny Face – Fred Astaire plays the Richard Avedon inspired role.
*Rear Window– classic Hitchock murder mystery
* Henri Cartier-Bresson -The Impassioned Eye

*Books: ( just add a thoughtful not on the front page for a more meaningful gift.
Family of Man – should be on everyones book shelf. And for under $20. you can’t pass it up.
Woman: A Celebration – amazing collection of the best images of woman through the history of photography.
The Americans by Robert Frank. 50th Anniversary edition Just Re-Printed!


*In the Gear range
, put the camera where you want it.
Lomo Camera
, some of the coolest film cameras out there,
X-Shot – perfect gadget for the traveler; get into the picture without arms all over the place.
Wacom Bamboo Fun Too much fun and more control on your post production.
Lightsphere by Gary Fong gives you a whole new soft world of light with your external flash.
External Hard Drive – well you just need these to back up your precious digital life.

* Power- Rechargeable batteries and Chargers

Hahnel Twin V Charger– THE perfect travel companion and speed charger. Never leave home without one.
La Crosse BC-900 Charger + Powerex Batteries– these things rock, and Thomas Distributing was fast and great to deal with. A must have item. Get Green already.Reuse, recycle.

Photoshop Elements– check out our review below. Best software for the dough BY FAR! MAC and PC.

Something you’ll have to search for because they stopped making them but they are around:
Tumi T-Tech vest was $160 now about 90. Doesn’t scream photo vest ,and has all of the secure pockets you’ll need for some low key photography. You’ not going to carry your 70-200 mm lens in this but you’ll do pretty good.
See if you can track one down.


*And of course , there is always the digital photo keychain:

Now there are plenty more ideas, such as the carefully chosen images made into a Shutterfly book, or the America at Home book cover we just discussed here.If you’re running out of time, though. these will all work. And you’ll see some smiles from the recipients. Trust us on this one.

And if you just want to make your life even easier, visit out online Photoinduced Store for most of the items listed here available through Amazon. We appreciate your support.


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