Photographer And………: This week – Hal Honigsberg

There are many of you out there who have pursued photography with all of your heart as your medium of choice.
It’s the tool that allows you to explore ,express, communicate what you know you want to say,share,show.
It may not be a concious decision all of the time. It just has to be. You see it (or think it) and you capture the visual.

It may not be how you pay the bills, but its how you feed your soul.

Meet Hal Honigsberg: film editor, loves photography.

He has been a photographer for 25 years.
Shown in Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo, his unique brilliance in innovative exploration of imageing techniques, brought him the notoriety and acclaim many of us strive for in the art world.

And he left that world behind.

At one point about 16 years ago, Hal turned his eye to film editing. He is a partner in Chrome Editorial.
Last year, he was voted Editor of the Year by the AICE for editing the TV commercial “Picture Book” for HP, a very cool juxtapostion, transposition……ok i’m not sure how you describe it….It revolved around their photoprinter , great effects and featured the song Picture Book by the KINKS. How appropriate.

Now as he made that transition to film editing, he still made photographs. And it wasn’t about the next exhibit. It was about the creation.

As a matter of fact, he hasn’t shown his photographs publicly since 1997.Til now.

Hal wanted to explore the digital aspect of photography, when quite frankly, digital photography was not very widely used, respected, etc. Around 1997,1998.

His camera became a scanner. Yep , thats right. Portraits using a scanner.

Oh, he was using Photoshop. 2nd edition we believe.

Nash Editions did the printing. ( Yes Graham Nash).

And we are very lucky and proud to be able to publish these images for the first time anywhere.

Before you keep scrolling down to look at some of these amazing images, there is a point:

No matter what your profession, day job, occupation, lifestyle , if you are reading this , there is a passion for photography.
The work you create , should be seen and shared. Whether its a cyber audience, or a brick and mortar gallery. You have found a voice.
Let us help you speak to larger group of people. You may be surprised who is listening.

Hal has been kind enough to share his work here, and in the GALLERY in the next few days.

copyright 1998 Hal Honigsberg – “Ellen”

copyright 2001 Hal Honigsberg – “Tara”


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