A Priest, A Rabbi and a Photographer walk into a bar……..

……..And the photographer says … the photographer says ………

I got nothing.

Why are there no jokes about photographers? Well, there are a couple but they are terrible. Is it something we said? Or did?

While lawyers enjoy a plethora of comedy junctures, we photographers have to be satisfied with the “Say Cheese” factor.
So, if you know of a great photog joke, post it here under comments.
And we don’t mean : How many photographers does it take to change a lightbulb? 50 – one to change and 49 to say “I could’ve done that”.
What’s the difference between a photographer and a pizza?
- a pizza can feed a family of four .
Been there, Done that.

And please not the baby photographer joke. Oh, go ahead. Google it. You’ll be sorry.

Let’s have a laugh.

And the weekly giveaway returns next week. Along with the NEWSLETTER.


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