I Don’t Want Your Love, I Just Need Your POWER! Part 1: Photo Road Warriors

And by power, we mean battery power: juice, volts, extra life, batts, etc.
Since we are all out there shooting flashes, running digital cameras, using flashlights, editing on the laptops, and cranking on the phone we are using batteries. And hopefully rechargeable ones. Most of the items we list mainly use rechargeables as can the flashes and flashlights.

So after being out and about on shoots, travels and trade shows. we ‘d like to start this series on Photo Road Warriors with a segment on POWER!
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Best portable charger
Hahnel PowerStation Twin V Pro: Lithium Ion Battery Charger with interchangeable plates
Don’t leave home with out this baby. After months of real world usage, this is the best DSLR battery charger we’ve seen out there. Not only is it a global unit (easily add adapters for each country and no voltage issues) but it comes with a brilliant cigarette lighter adapter also. It takes an easily changeable plate that fits in for each manufacturers battery. Perfect when you are also traveling with a video camera. With a slim profile, digital power gauge to even just check the status of the batteries on hand, this compact unit goes with me everywhere. Period.

One of the choices for rechargeable AA batteries
we’ve found are the Energizer Nimh batteries at about 8 for $23. At Amazon. And another favorite are the Powerex batts which are making lots of folks happy, combined with the La Crosse BC-900 battery charger. Available here. Of course, if you are going to be doing a full shoot, you’ll need a battery pack, like a Quantum for fast recycle and plenty of juice.
And remember to take a look at Frazer Harrisons video for an extra little flash tip. And check out Katy Winns’ video to see what she’s using to power her flash.
On the flashlight scene , we like the LED mini lights using either an enclosed battery or the AA or AAA. More Green friendly with the enclosed battery.
For your cell phone, our current favorite is a Lenmar PowerPort kit setup with a very thin battery block with multiple tips (ala IGo) giving you on the spot power or a charge.
And THANK YOU LENMAR!! My iPhone can now keep going all day and all night. You can get almost 5 charges from a fully charged unit. And its tiny profile makes it easy to throw in the bag or the suit jacket. Trust me, I did it. And it saved me. You get a variety of tips plus a USB cigarette lighter adapter to go right from your car as you move from location to location.

In addition, a great unit for the cell phone is from Energizer with a 2 AA battery pod that connects to your cell phone, and gives about 3 hours more life. Perfect life saver if all you can add are AA penlights . You can buy this with the right connector for your phone.


Now in the whole iPod range, Energizer comes in again with a charger that once again uses AA batteries,
but may save the day when your flights delayed. The Energi to Go packs small and does the job.

The Solio solar charger at between $100 and $200 USD, looks great and has all of the tips your need once again ala iGo,Universal Charger – Powers virtually all your electronic devices. Now compatible with the Universal iGo® tip system for use with hundreds of different portable electronics. Includes Adapter Tip system Cable and USB tip for iPod®, digital cameras, and other compatible devices.
Stores Power – Charge your devices anytime, day or night Internal rechargeable battery stores power for up to one year. (A full Solio Mg will charge a typical mobile phone more than twice or give over 20 hours of MP3 music – just 1 hour of sunshine = 20 minutes talk time or 50 minutes of MP3 music).

Hybrid Charger – Charge anywhere on Earth Plug into the Sun and charge Solio Mg through its solar panels – it’s free and green! Or plug into the wall to charge from the grid.

So basically, when you travel , you’ll need the power. Pack small and play big, we always say. these real world tested power sources should do you right.

And use rechargeable batteries when you can. Let’s keep pushing the concept that Digital Photography is the truly GREEN Visual Medium.

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Real world tested, and the best we found.
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