Weekly Giveaway – “Ohhh, I’m A Traveling Man, Yes, I’m A Traveling Maaan…”

I know you can tell how bad I sing JUST by the headline here. Cheers to Ricky Nelson for that classic song.

But what it does mean is that we have one of the best giveaways we’ve done here. And it is a cornerstone part of our new series on Photo Road Warriors.
( remember: to be eligible to get this freebie, you MUST be signed up for the NEWSLETTER)

The ThinkTank Airport International. Our absolute favorite traveling camera bag. It has gone with us all over the world carrying our goods, safe and sound, and never calling attention to itself. [photopress:AILowdivs4_1.jpg,full,alignright]Plus the brilliant lowered dividers allow my Macbook pro 15″ laptop to fit securely and safely inside the bag, and not hanging in an outside pocket. And it saves me time in security lines as the zippers go down halfway, slip out the laptop, put it into a bin and through the xray.
If they want to see more, the lid opens, reveals all and no digging from security. Nothing is hidden.

Excellent zippered pouches in the lid, outside pocket has 2 parts: top has pockets with dividers and the elastic/neoprene bottom pocket holds my mags and papers easily.

There are a bunch of security features to secure your bag to a pole or table. And the locks on the front are excellent. I think. I never use them.
But what I do use is a recessed pocket meant to hold the security cable. Instead it holds my iPod and headset for easy access before I handily pop the bag into the overhead.

The carry handle has extra cushion so when you lift it up to the overhead storage it’s a smooth, comfy operation. The rollerblade wheels also help glide it into it’s space.
And there is another handle on the bottom if you want to do a two handed carry onto a surface to work out of or do your packing.

Now overall here are the strong points for us on this bag:
*Solid construction
*Easy access to the gear we use most.
*Built in clear pouches for cables, batts etc.
*Total stealth look.

Yep, looks like any other overnight suitcase so no one has to know that you have $15,000 worth of gear in there.
Of course you should never check this bag. That is not what it’s built for.
Basically you should always carry on any camera bag that holds your main goods.

Now, I also carry a backpack sometimes, and the collapsible handle works great, as I criss-cross the shoulder straps to secure it to the bag. Many times the backpack is emptied once at location and then filled with appropriate camera gear.

We’ve said in the past that you always should choose the right tool for the right job. And there are a bunch of camera bags hanging here at photoinduced.com.
This one has become the prime traveling camera transport bag. And going through an airport with wheels is a good thing.

Even if you don’t win this bag here, you should strongly consider it for purchase. It’s been very good to us.

And now a little video we did over a year ago on this bag (and a couple of other items.)

And here is how the giveaway works:
1. check your email inbox on Weds. @ 9:00 AM PST
2. open the email from damonw@photoinduced.com and Hit Reply
3. Delete the main body of the email (saving server space).
4. Put the “special word” – included in the NEWSLETTER only, in the subject line.
5. Add a shipping address.
6. Hit send.
The 45th person to reply will be sent
this very cool bag

Easy Peasey.



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