“Fine Art Paparazzi Photographs” Gallery Show In LA – World Wide Debut!

You know it’s not all hose downs, and dog packs (paparazzi terms).
The photos you see very day and night splashed all over the media are also representing a symbiotic relationship; The entertainment industry and the paparazzi.

There has been a marriage (business wise) of two of these photographers from slightly different eras, to form a new photo agency with a bigger picture in mind. So to speak. It’s called BUZZFOTO.


Paris Hilton © Mr. Nunez buzzfoto.com

They have also teamed up to gather classic and current paparazzi photos in an exhibit asking and answering the question:
Is this photography more than disposable news or a reflection of our culture?
“Paparazzi As An Art Form” opens at the Seyhoun Gallery in West Hollywood, this weekend.

Brad Elterman


Brad with a younger Michael Jackson

Brad Elterman was shooting the music and entertainment scene in the 70’s when the field was a bit smaller. His photos reflect a simpler time of access. The other day we spent some time speaking with him and going through some of the archives. You walk into a history of culture from a time when the news didn’t open up on helicopter shots of a singer spiraling downwards.

His partner in the new photo agency ,BuzzPhoto is this man:

Henry Flores

Henry Flores is a more modern paparazzi. With a sense of the law and the rights of all. He has a clear understanding of the business he is in, a true part of the entertainment world. How’s that? The fact of the matter is that the way most photogs know where a celeb will be, is they are told…usually by the publicist. They want the clients in the news. Especially if they have been out of the limelight.

And this is no BS.

In my neighborhood, Brentwood, CA., I was going around the corner to get a cup of coffee. Saw a teenager with camera and a huge lens. Cool. then another. Oh, maybe a class I thought. Then a black Jag pulled into a spot and an actress came out, all done up in slick tight leather. The 2 photogs became 20 and it was painfully obvious what was happening. The actress went to the drugstore and then to Starbucks, constantly followed. As she ate a sandwich, facing the window, the motors went non-stop.
The point is that this was a planned event. There was a call to a photo agency, like BuzzPhoto, to catch this actress who hadn’t been seen much lately. One hand washing the other.

© buzzfoto.com

OK, back to the exhibit. You’ll be seeing some of the finest examples of the art of paparazzi photography.

The favorites for me are the photos that exemplify the classic paparazzi shots. And those that show a celeb in normal life. Not doing something evil, self destructive, nasty. But something that instead of objectifying them, makes then more personal.

Plus this will be one of the few times you will ever see this work in huge, beautifully made prints.Not cropped to fit a page, nor surrounded by type or talking heads.

Last note:
BuzzFoto also teaches photogs. Those who are starting out, with a heart and passion and drive, Brad and Henry have taken them under their wing and make them good photographers.

We also did a lot of video on these two gentleman, who gave a new insight into what they do. Great stories. We’ve just started the edit and we’ll start posting segments this week. You’ll dig em for sure.

Paparazzi ain’t all Tom Sizemore ( the movie of that name ).

Fine Art Paparazzi Photographs
Seyhoun Gallery
9007 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 858-5984
Featuring the works of
Henry Flores, Brad Elterman, Mr. Nunez,
Zavar ‘Picasso’ Manokian, Marcos & Hector Vasquez,
and Justin Campbell
February 16-21, 2008
Opening Reception Saturday, February 16, 2008
6-9 PM

See you there.

Damon Webster


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