PMA Day 2…Rolling,Rolling,Rolling, Keep Those Doggies Rolling….

view from the walk back to the hotel from the trade show floor.

And those dogs HAVE been rolling. Or Walking.
We are almost at that point of the show where our dogs are barking. Walking the length of a football field many times over in a day, can make you extra glad you have comfortable shoes. It helps, though, when you are checking out stuff that you love.
The best part are all of the folks in the booths. Very good crowd. A pleasure to speak with.
And we did a lot of it.

Lot’s of video to come, but here are some appetizers:

We stopped by the WACOM booth to check out their new portable Cintiq tablet. Basically, you can work on your photos (or graphics) right on the image with the patented Wacom pen. Beats a mouse hands down for extreme control. This new unit is smaller, lighter and cheaper. Ok, cheaper is relative. Only about $1000.USD. Fits in a laptop case and once you try it, the mouse will just feel old school. If you’re not familiar with the Wacom system, why not start slow with their unit called Bamboo. You’ll be using the pen system and working on a tablet, but the image will be on your monitor. And it’s about $100. with bundled software. Sound like a plan?
Video on it’s way.

Crumpler bags, the camera bags that don’t scream camera bag, have come up with their version of the roll-on with lots of style and versatility, it will feature a unique loopy, snakey, velcro system to secure your gear in a custom manner. This one is not shipping yet, but you’ll have to catch the video. Ben the spokesman is charming and shows off the product like no one else. Cheers to you, Ben. Great job.
Oh they also have a new camera strap with a brilliant bit on the widest parts underside: to aid in grip, the name Crumpler has been applied with a gripping material so truly, the company is holding on to you.

Now Lowepro also has some pretty cool new bags, especially one that has built on the functionality of one of our faves, the SlingShot Bag. The Fastpack Backpack is a backpack system with an advantage of a quick swing operation to the front of your body for full access to your gear. Love that.
Video on this and more.

And one of our favorite companies for the way they think. The folks that make Purosol, have a family run business, that quite simply make the best lens cleaner that is not only environmentally safe, but cleans your lenses in a special, safe way. We’ve convinced them to tell you how in an upcoming article. Good folks here.

More goods tomorrow. A full wrap-up early in the week.

Damon Webster


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