The Race for Dominance Takes Another Step Forward…Kind of.

In the world of photographic inkjet printers there is the current heavyweight class leader recognized as the gold standard: Epson
Now whether you feel that may be perception and not fact, is worthy of discussion. A short one.
You can argue attributes, issues, etc. but there you are. Epson is the preferred product for many pros.

In the world of the photo business, those folks that make stuff for you, the word is that HP is coming on strong and may jump ahead of the pack in about a year. They have the R&D (research and development) deep pockets, a broad customer base already in place with other products, and a HUGE advertising budget. $300 million enough?


Today they announced a new ad campaign from the brilliant minds at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners ( the folks that brought you “Got Milk” ) with a strong personalized concept.

Match up the cool kids celebrities, with the HP product that allows you to partner up creatively with them and their product. Are you with me?

So with Gwen Stefani, you can order a custom photobook of her tour with pages that can have you and your friends in the shots. This shows off the internet ordering of product that may inspire you to create your own and use that service.

You can also print specific CD covers (the interface is VERY iTunes on an iPhone) and paper dolls. Coming up are full size skateboard graphics, by the hottest designers in the industry, you can print on your, what else, HP printer.

It’s an interesting move in this race. Yes, previous campaigns used the Kinks “Picture Book” as a theme and the amazing work of director Francois Vogel as a means to show everyone how easy it was to make a print.

But now it seems you now have to know the hot folks are in the creative bed with you. Not your buddy at the party taking snaps. Sure, it is a cool way to introduce some services, and get you some free paper dolls. Right.

Honestly,it would be great to see how this mega giant is going to make the photographs we print look as good as they can. Or better. Maybe more announcements coming soon before PhotoPlus.

Is this a $300 million dollar walk away from the pros? Or just the first salvo in a new dynasty of products?
OK, I guess the general consumer buys a LOT more printers and inks, than the enthusiast, artists or pro photographers. Or do they?

Epson? Any response?



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