Power. Juice. Sparks. The Plant. That’s what I’m talking about.

Power. Man, everything you need to make your digital images these days, just to power the tools, is getting way out of hand. The bags of rechargeable batteries, the chargers to recharge them, the cords, adapters.

Makes me nuts and my luggage heavy.

Gear on this past trip needing power:
(see if any of it looks familiar)
Canon HV-20 video – 3 batts with AC adapter and chargers
Wireless mic with rec/transmitter -extra batts
Point and shoot – 2 extra batts w/charger
Nikon D200 – 3 batts w/charger
Ipod – w/charger
Epson P-5000- data storage bank- w/ extra batt and ac adapter
Laptop (MacBook Pro with new magnetic power cable. so of course a different power cable for the plane)
Blackberry – with charger
Energizer power booster – just in case all else fails, this beauty takes 2 AA batts, and runs your cell phone for hours. Always in the bag.

OK, it was business and I had things to do. So maybe there was more than you may take on a normal trip. Maybe.

Since I traveled through the UK to France, also needed the adapters for both countries. Just in case there was a delay. And there was. Thankfully I could use my adapter at Heathrow and spend some quality time on-line. Sure, there were plenty for sale at the airport, but who needs to spend the extra dough?

Of course each battery MUST have its own charger. And then of course the transformer for the more critical of the power needs.

After 4 days into the trip ,each charger was working . Not to mention the phone charger.

Can someone PLEASE make some charger/power source for all of these? Not the IGo. Doesn’t cover it all, especially with the mag safe MAC power cord.

Maybe this portable solar panel from Brunton will help. At least to cut down on the weight and bulk.

Sure it’s only about 6 lbs. but that adds about 10% of your baggage allowance.

Thankfully most of the batteries used are rechargeable.

The storage:

Ah well. The separated bags, all marked, helped (you didn’t really think the pile in the photo was how I use this stuff…did you?)
I use the MUJI bags available at many museums in the States for some strange reason.
Reasonably priced, a great selection of sizes, and the main deal is with strong mesh sides, you can tell what’s in the bag as you lay it all out.

And they are right minded:

From the Museum of Modern Art store site:
The MUJI philosophy has won them a worldwide following over the last 20 years, emphasizing earth-friendliness, the use of innovative materials, and efficient packaging for reduced cost. Since opening their first store in Japan in 1983, MUJI is not only an internationally renowned company, but for many people is a way of life. MUJI merchandise is based on three simple elements: materials, process, and packaging.

Inventive uses for materials that might otherwise have been discarded or ignored result in innovative product at the lowest cost. Equally important, MUJI infuses style and usefulness into everything produced, no matter what its provenance.

To keep MUJI offerings focused and flexible, heavy attention is paid to the consumer’s use of the product, and the manufacturing process is determined on that basis. Superfluous finishes are rejected, overprocessing is eliminated, and lines and forms are clean and uncluttered for manufacturing ease.

MUJI carefully protects items for sale with packaging appropriate to their purpose. By using the same clear cellophane material to wrap most items, consumers see exactly what they are getting and don’t pay extra for expensive packaging.

Their guiding principle is flexibility, providing the savvy customer with products that are beautiful, useful, and essential “objects for living.”

Well there you have it. A bit of a rant, but hopefully a start of some solutions. Lot’s of travel going on this summer. Be prepared.



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