The photo competition is now on: Win an APPLE TV!

Thanks to everyone who submitted work.
We are now finalizing the winner and will post it on the site shortly!.

I’m thinking that the next contest should be for an iPhone. what do you think?

We’ve been talking about this for awhile. Our first competition with the grand prize an APPLE TV.

Of course before we announced the competition, there were some details to work out:
How you can submit work, who will be judging it, is the prize a worthwhile item, how can we simplify this? All of these things have been taken into careful consideration.

You know we LOVE to give away stuff.


A prize this big will take some good work. And now the APPLE TV has gotten even bigger! In the hard drive area that is: 160 gb up from 40!.

This is a photography site with a strong video component based in the photographic arts. We feel that is one of the things that distinguish us from some other sites. Of course, we want you to be a big part .

Because of that ,here’s how the competition goes:

Create a slide or multimedia presentation using still imagery. This can be as simple as using something like IPHOTO on a Mac or a similar program on a PC. Or as complex as you feel is needed.
You can use a music soundtrack or the spoken word or a combination.

Remember as always: the content is the thing.

Wondering what we are talking about here?

Go to Magnum In Motion for some of the best examples of this. Or YouTube and search “photography slide shows” or ” photography”.

The length is your call, but if history has taught us anything, 2-7 mins is a good call. There are no restrictions here. Or for that matter in much of this competition.

OK, thats what we’re looking for.

To submit: the preferred method is to upload to YouTube, tag your video with the words “ “. The category is ” entertainment” . just the best one they had for this.

Our judges will then be able to search for the entries based on that criteria. VERY IMPORTANT PART.

To start an account on YouTube, go to the site. There will be all of the instructions you need to upload your entry as a video file. It’s really pretty easy.

Since it will be on YouTube, we will also be able to see the hits from the world at large, and comments. Convince your friends and families to look and get some good buzz going.Pretty cool exposure as we will also be checking in and taking some entries to the site.

The judges? An advertising agency creative director, a photographic book designer, a photographer, an interactive expert, and an art school director of photography.

So not only will your work be seen by the world, but the people who can affect your career. It’s a good thing.

When we get down to the last 10 days the top 5 videos will be posted on this site. And become a video podcast presented by, with all of your credits intact.

The best video presentation will be sent an APPLE TV.

Why this? We have been amazed at what you can do with your photography ,this unit and your TV.

You can make a slide show of your images, becoming the background to your life with an appropriate soundtrack. Or your images can become a cascading screensaver on the screen.

Finally…another use for your TV. We have set some of our older black and white jazz musician photos to some great Coltrane.
Great ambiance for events in your home too.

This is a perfect tool for us, as photographers, to share our work in a very accessible way. Think about it: another re-run or your photographs.Hmmmmmm…..

And yes, we know you can go back into your videos already on YouTube and re-tag them. Cool. If the work is good, the work is right.

Please contact with any and all questions. We’ve gone through lot’s of ways to make this as simple as possible to allow you to think about the entry and not the way to enter.

Take it all in, think about it, and we look forward to seeing the work.

If this goes right, we’ll give away and Apple IPhone.

Damon Webster


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