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We all are bombarded by images everyday and those of us who are here on this site, feel that we may be a bit more discerning on what images we truly see and what they may mean, and perhaps their value.

We know what our gut says, but have you ever taken a step back and looked at photographs from a bit of a deeper,richer approach ?

I have always found that, even in going to galleries, the first look is to wash over you and just touch you or not. Not “ooey-gooey , has to be emotional wrenching”, touch you. But hit you on a very inexplicable level. Then, you can revisit and look at the image. Get perhaps a further appreciation. Or not.
Usually the litmus test for an image you can live with.Does it have “legs” as they say in the film business?

Our weekly giveaway this week is:
at Photographs: 100 Pictures from the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art


This book is kind of like having a docent take you through the Museum of Modern Arts photographic dept. You will undoubtedly look at photographs and perhaps most imagery around with an adjusted eye after reading and seeing this book.

And they are all one page essays. Gets to the point in a very eloquent, yet user-friendly manner.

I first bought this book a while ago. I had to. It was required reading at my school.
And I still have it and refer to it a …um..a couple of years later.

The author John Szarkowski is one of the most respected scholars and professors of photography. He was the curator of photography at MOMA from 1962-1991, arguably one of richest periods in our photographic history. A photographer himself, last year saw Mr. Szarkowski personal exhibit of his work touring the country.

This book should be in everyones library. Yes, another one of those.
It does take you a more thoughtful place, but that’s where you want to go, isn’t it? At least for a little while.

And for those on the Newsletter email list, there will be another book added to the weekly giveaway. That one is a book that was recommended to be by the photographer in NYC I assisted. Still have that one too.

Who were your influences in photography? Let’s move the discussion to the FORUM.

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For those of you new to our giveaways, and welcome to the site, it is a simple deal:
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Happy Monday!

Damon Webster


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