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This weeks giveaway illustrates our mission statement.

That’s how we roll.

So to start in the education department , we offer a great DVD from the folks at Software Cinema.
This one is by Monte Zucker, a truly great teacher to many,
Portrait Photography For Everyone
with Monte Zucker

This Program Includes a DVD Video program of Monte’s Studio Lighting & Posing Techniques and also includes an interactive CD-ROM with Monte’s Photoshop Portrait Optimizing Techniques. Monte teaches simple lighting patterns that will enable you to make quality predictable portraits using one lighting pattern, two poses and three camera positions. He demonstrates this with both Studio & Window Light.

(Monte Zucker passed away on Mar. 15, 2007. Please see full notice at end of this article )

The next item is a book that continues to be our favorite book to share and one we feel should be in everyone’s library: the inspiring Family Of Man.
Check this brief description and the photographers involved.

In 1955 Edward Steichen organised the Family of Man exhibition in New York. Held at the Museum of Modern Art, the exhibition consisted of 508 photographs from sixty-eight countries. Some of photographers who took part included Dorothea Lange, Robert Capra, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Jack Delano, Margaret Bourke-White, Esther Bubley, Bert Hardy, Edward Weston, Matthew Brady, Frank Scherschel, Wayne Miller, Eva Arnold, Irving Penn, Consuelo Kanaga, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Bill Brandt, Russell Lee, Carl Mydans, Ben Shahn and Marion Palfi, and a totla of 256 photogarphers inall .The aim of the exhibition was to mark “essential oneness of mankind throughout the world.” During the time it was open, the Family of Man became the most popular exhibition in the history of photography.

On the entertainment front, we present Salvador. While at PMA we met Jay Dickman, one of the photographers this story is based on. It’s actually a composite character. The more you know…….


From Amazon:
Director Oliver Stone (Platoon, JFK) offers up this brilliant, engrossing true-life account of the violent civil war in El Salvador as told through the perspective of a has-been journalist trying for one last grasp at glory and finding the true horror of war. James Woods is freelance journalist Richard Boyle, who leaves San Francisco broke with his drug-addled, disc-jockey buddy (Jim Belushi) to cover the escalating conflict and hopefully return to his former stature as a war correspondent. What he finds is a nation torn by random violence, shifting ideologies, poverty, and the malevolent influence of the United States. Boyle tries to make sense of the brutality he sees while extracting his girlfriend from the war zone and saving his own life. Featuring John Savage (The Deer Hunter) as an earnest photojournalist, this is a fascinating and riveting depiction of the bloody strife that tore apart a nation and mirrored the disillusionment of the Vietnam era. –Robert Lane

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This week we’ll add a surprise giveaway, just for those on the list.

More videos coming your way this week.

On a sad note, a well respected and honored photographic teacher passed away last week. While at PMA, he was still garnering awards for his work, although it was his long time assistant was there to pick them up for him.

Monte Zucker passed away on Mar. 15, 2007. He gave so much to professional photography with his education and seminars. We had a great experience producing this title with him. It is our great loss that we could not go on to make more as he intended. The last thing he says in this title is that he intended to create a whole line of new education on DVD.

Recently, Monte was honored in the United States Congressional Record by Senator Ted Kennedy for his contributions over 50 years to professional photography.

In case you are not the winner of this DVD please note that in memory of Monte Zucker, Software Cinema is giving a portion of the sales of this great title of Monte’s to cancer research. We support CureSearch, the largest pediatric cancer research organization. CureSearch has a mission to cure and prevent childhood and adolescent cancer through scientific discovery and compassionate care.

Everyone wins with this purchase.

And there you have it.

Damon Webster


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