Taryn Simon at Aperture : The Smartest Person In The Room

Just came back from an amazing evening at Aperture.
Taryn Simon was in conversation with Kate Fowle about her overall process, current exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery, and her continuing work.

My gut dictates so many of the images I lean towards, and create, which is a more visceral, immediate feeling. This artist brings such a depth and complexity, to her work, that you could dive into her various tomes for a long time, and still find the richness, that has drawn me in for years. And I still get happily lost in her work.
Yet the images are very approachable and easily to imbibe on the surface. Even a few levels under. This is a brilliant person, and you should explore her world.
And one thing that was a total mindblower tonight.

As we are all becoming so much more visually acute, and the language that triumphs is imagery, the question becomes “Is it a universal language? ”
She co-created, with Aaron Swartz, a site called ImageAtlas.org where you can type in a word as you would in any search engine, to find images. The site then searches almost 20 countries search engines to see what that word brings up in images for that country.
Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.58.18 PM

This was introduced a few years ago, and I can’t believe I missed it.
Go down the rabbit hole. and find out how we visually speak to each other via the internet search.
Exact Science? nope.
You will get a new understanding of global imaging though.

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