It Ain’t Bringing Sexy Back (yeah!), But It May Save your Digital Life – HP MediaSmart Home Server

Nope, its not that new super-fast 1.2 lens you’ve been hankering for.
Nor the newest 31.0 megapixel DSLR, making it’s way down the pipe.
Heck, it’s not even that sweet lighting set-up that folds into a backpack, and creates a full-up fashion studio on location.

This is for your protection. And sharing. And family harmony.
It’s what we’ve been waiting to see: a server that can operate wireless, and take care of a household of mixed computer platforms. Yes, we know that 93% of the world is on PC and 90 % of the pro photo market is on MAC.
This should take care of all of you.

Remember that you must have a PC somewhere in the configuration to have this machine work. You must use it for set and maintenance.

We always knew that a server was the logical step for the home or business: a storage device that would let you download from the web, store and back up your media, and send it wherever you wanted it – HD TV, mobile devices, and audio systems.
And here it is.
Maybe the next gen will be just for MAC.
And maybe the phone companies will start offering you server space on their systems and charge you a monthly fee depending on the amount of storage you have. Seems to us that they are in the perfect position.
It just may happen.


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