Our Holiday Gift List 2008! A Little Late, But You Don’t Have To Be

Ok, it’s time.
Time to check out what you may want to get or give this holiday season.
Peace on earth or goodwill towards all mankind would be cool, but…..

Most of these items are well under $100. USD, except for the cameras, and the Visionaire book, but you should be able to locate all of the goods pretty easily. Even try the photoinduced.com webstore, which is essentially Amazon, but geared toward your interests , based on what we have spoken about on the site.
Lets get this party started:

So in the Books category we had a mix of classic and new this year:

Annie Leibowitz At Work – Great read as you get some true insight into the most popular photographer in America today.

[photopress:2445053661_3bd0a1b3d1_o_1.jpg,full,centered] © Saul Leiter
Saul Leiter – A series of new books celebrating this artist will be a huge visual revelation foryou or your giftee.
Paris, New York, Shanghai – brilliant look at the cultural similarities between the old, current and new worlds.
Material World – what is important to families all over the world?
The Americans – Robert Frank a classic look at an America in the 50’s. Unvarnished and real.
Family Of Man – the human condition told by over 250 photographers.[photopress:51Bm3e6MOfL._SL500_AA240_.jpg,full,alignright]
Surprise / Visionaire – a bit pricier but an extremely cool set of pop-up photographs from the current hot photographers.
Night and Low Light Photography – THE new primer for the low light photographer. And isn’t that most of us at some point?

Now these are about gifting. There are many more controversial books out there but we’re trying to cover some bases here.
We are book collectors so we could go on and on, but…….

Annie Lebowitz : Life Through A Lens
Henri Cartier-Bresson : Impassioned Eye
Sally Mann – What Remains
Lee Miller – if you didn’t know the full story…
Any training DVD’s from the Software-Cinema library.

Nikon Creative Lighting DVD – get the most out of your Speedlight.

Funny Face – Richard Avedon, as portrayed by Fred Astaire in the Paris of the 50’s.

Blow-Up – The Mod Photographer of the 60’s (David Bailey?) inadvertently photographs a murder scene. Or did he?

A new faster media card – with all of these higher megapixel cameras, whether they are point and shoots or not, you better have a darn fast card to read and write fast. Otherwise you’ll be waiting a long, long time between shots. Trust me, that sucks. While testing out 2 new cameras, one had an older SD card and the hang time was ridiculous.

Delkin Battery Charger or Hahnel – for travel or a heavy shoot, you need to have the power behind you. Both of these units have something to recco: Delkin for the ability to charge 2 brands at one, and the Hahnel for sleek design and less cords.

Wacom Bamboo give or get it for making life soooo much easier in post production on your photographs. The pen is mightier than the mouse.

Stealth Camera Bag from Think TankPhoto.

Photoshop Elements – Make the move in the next phase of your photo post production. It’ll open up a whole new creative world.

Nikon S60 point & shoot – seems to be the one on every teens list this year. With the ability to draw or stamp on the photos in-camera, touch screen, and Ashton Kutcher promoting it, this seems to be the one.

GeoPic II geotagger – Best Geotagger available. Hands down. Bar none. Nikon and Fuji cameras with 10 pin only but- it’s fast, no software needed, tags your location with latitude, longitude and altitude, with scary accuracy.

Canon G10 , Nikon P6000 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3S – when you want to carry less than a DSLR here are your choices- each one has its advantages and we’ll do reviews in the coming weeks, but seriously, you won’t go wrong with any of them. List price about $500 USD each.

Extra things:

Not sexy, but:
3m privacy screen – wheter you are working on your photos in the cafe or now,surfing on the plane, do yourself a favor and slip this brilliant piece of plastic over your computer screen. Everyone will be better off.

External hard drive : you can go Seagate, Western Digital, G-Tech, but you need one. or better yet, two so you can do a mirror back up. Welcome to the digital storage world.

Balanzza luggage scale – how much gear are you taking on that trip? Figure it out BEFORE you get to the airport. You can pick this up at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

And something we just got in the mail: Stickr Frames – vinyl picture frames you can change, and change. More of that “get the picture off the computer and into the real world” goodies.

And our friends at Calumet have a “deal a day”:

Daily Deal 250x250

We’ll keep bring more to your attention but this is what we have seen, used and/or and advised on.

You are still good with shipping for most of these items, and the deals seem to keep coming. With the economy in the state it is, you didn’t have to get up at 5:00 AM for the good prices.

And if you want a FREE copy of The Family Of Man, send an email to info@photoinduced.comwith the word “Man” in the subject line, and we’ll get one right out to you.
More of that coming this week, right on the site.


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