Quick Note – Ovatation TV Brings Out Photo Week On Air…Again.

The folks at Ovation TV (you know, the network that actually cares about the arts?) is running an 8 day programming block with some of the coolest content on photography, called Framed, sponsored by Nikon.

Reprinted here is an article on the first go round in June of this year:

“On Sunday, it was a bit hot here in Los Angeles, making it was a good day to read and maybe catch up on some TV.
Flipping around the channels, we searched for some content that would hold at least SOME interest.
Spain had already won.
and then, “woah”
Ovation TV had an all day marathon on photography. The Genius of Photography series from the BBC; Closeup: Photographers at Work; Sally Mann “What Remains”; David LaChapelle: Portrait of a Photographer and a ton more.
The DVR was working overtime.
What a great TV channel to give us all of this. OK, they also cover all art music, film, performance, etc. to be fair.
But all of this photographic content!
Now we know almost half of you are off of the North American continent, and we try to share things with the whole group. Kinda like when we were kids and the teacher would bust someone with candy or gum and say “Well I hope you brought enough for the whole class” knowing we didn’t and it was just another way to feel bad.
I digress.
So we are going to turn you onto these programs in a snack form on their site and on YouTube. We had a great discussion with Ovation today and they would love to welcome our whole group in.

Don’t worry, plenty of bandwidth for everyone.

So you can go here for the official site with vids and TV scheds for future airings, and go here for the Youtube content.
yes, each link takes you a different set of vids.

Please note that the online and YouTube vids are just samples, but should give you a clue as to what is out there. Unfortunately, Ovation TV is only in the states so that is why we wanted to share this online resource with you.

They have assured me the solid marathon of photographic materials will be back in the fall. But you can check this stuff out in the meantime.

Say, would a block on the HOME page or RESOURCE page with listings of Photography on TV be of use to anyone? Just a question for the group. Post a comment if you think it would be cool/useful/pointless.

It’s a good way to start the week.”

Now we produce original video content that we post onto the VIDEO SHORTS page here, but we all need more.
What would you like to see?


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