You’re Giving Away DVD’s?

This week we have a group of DVD’s to give away that are biographically driven. There are times that the lives of those that have gone before, inspire us to push ahead.

W. Eugene Smith
“The war in the South Pacific, a country doctor in Colorado, victims of industrial pollution in a Japanese village–all were captured in unforgettable photographs by the legendary W. Eugene Smith. This program showcases over 600 of Smith’s stunning photographs ”
There is a dramatic recreation in the DVD but don’t be scared. Peter Reigert does a fine job portraying Smith using actual dialogue culled from diaries and letters. There is plenty of archival footage and interviews with those that knew him to bring this project to the top.
The man who brought a simple humanity to his work for magazines such as LIFE, continued in his work to expose the victims of industrial pollution in Japanese village.
A brilliant, complicated artist.

Edward Steichen
“Widely regarded as the most influential photographer of the 20th century, he was born Eduard Jean Steichen in Luxembourg in 1879. He worked in every aspect of the art — fashion, industrial, nature, combat, portrait, table-top. He died in Connecticut in 1973. This film was made in 1964.
In every branch of photography to which he set his hand Steichen became a master. His portraits of Gershwin, Garbo, Eugene O’Neill, Marlene Dietrich, Chaplin and George M. Cohan are the definitive images by which we remember those artists. His photomurals of dams, bridges and huge buildings astonished audiences when they were first shown. In the 20’s and 30’s he was the best known and most expensive commercial advertising photographer in New York. A pioneer in aerial photography, during World War Two he was in charge of naval combat camera crews.” This half-hour documentary was shot when Steichen, at 86, reflected on his long life and many achievements. “Photography,” he says, “is both ridiculously easy and impossibly difficult.”
And what can I tell you: He put together the greatest photography show of all time and a classic book that should in everyone’s library ,The Family of Man.

Diane Arbus
“Nothing about her life, her photographs or her death was accidental or ordinary,” wrote Richard Avedon. “They were mysterious and decisive and unimaginable except to her. Which is the way it is with genius.”

As a photographer who not only documented those on the fringe but seemed to share a strange sense of being on the outside with her subjects. Her work at the time of the 60’s was astounding to the public, but you could see the inevitable journey she was on.
In the past couple of years there has been a travelling show of her work and artifacts of her life. don’t miss it if you can. Or pick up the catalog. This 30 min. documentary gives a glimpse of her life and work and told by those who knew her and her own words.
The book that Aperture published in the early seventies is one that we only bring off the shelf once a year. It’s that powerful.

Diane Arbus died from her own hand 25 years ago this Wednesday, July 26th.

Small NB: Her daughter Amy Arbus will have an exhibit this fall at the CohenAmador Gallery in NYC.

Contacts 3
This is a collection of interviews with some of the great photographers of our time.
People like John Baldesarri, Martin Parr, Thomas Struth, John Hilliard and more.
Yes of course the images speak for the artist, but this intriguing series from Arte Video gives you a great insight into their process.
We’ll be honest with you, not all of the interviews are revelatory masterpieces. Interesting ? Yes.
there are 130 minutes (13 per photographer) so you can go through the menu and watch it in bites.
And this is number 3 in the series. Each of the first has a lot to commend it.

Those are the complimentary DVD’s this week.
Hmmmm…we did say five though.
Oh right, there are 2 of the W. Eugene Smith to send out to you.
The email regarding this will be sent to those on the mailing list. The first 5 to reply (and let us know the preference of titles) will be receiving one of these in the mail.

Sign up today and remember…tell your friends. The community is growing.

Damon Webster
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer


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