Kernel Panic Has Nothing To Do With Orville Redenbacher

I only wish it did.
Instead, kernel panic is what happens when your computer has major issues. As in time to bring it into the shop. Like you better hope you have everything backed up.

Been chatting that “Back-Up” stuff here for awhile and before taking in the sick friend, read MacPro, triple backed up the photos.

I’m using a G-Speed ES, G-Raid, and a G-Tech Mini.
Paranoid? perhaps. Realistic? you betcha.
It’s not a matter of “if” but “when”. Your Hard drive will crash.

So, the news today come from a company that introduced a great product last year, the Drobo external hard drive back up system. They were all about stacking a group of hard drives and making it easy to back up your work.

One problem: it was not firewire 800. Why, oh why would they do that?
It’s not just a computer nerd lament, but a matter of speed. You want to back up those new, huge, photofiles fast. Especially if you are creating and saving larger files for publication. You need Firewire 800. Varooom.

Well, they heard us all, and came back to with the new Drobo.

Data Robotics, manufacturer of the Drobo storage device, has introduced a second-generation model with FireWire 800, improved USB 2.0 performance and an upgraded core processor. The company claims the new Drobo is the fastest product in its class for managing and storing digital information.

The increased read-and-write performance now makes the Drobo ideal for use as primary storage for media applications such as HD video editing and photography, as well as secondary storage, the company said.

The first-generation Drobo was popular because it allowed non-technical users to create redundant disk arrays with the simple plug-and-play of generic disk drives of various sizes and types. The Drobo automatically configured the drives for use, freeing the user from the technical details. New enhancements include an upgraded core processor, two FireWire 800 ports, dramatically increased USB 2.0 performance, and newly optimized firmware.

Current expansion for the new model Drobo is up to 16 TB. It also has the ability to take advantage of mix-and-match drive capacities. The unit has two FireWire 800/400 ports and one USB 2.0 port.

The new Drobo is priced at $499 and also comes in a 2TB version for $899, and a 4TB version for $1,299.

Look, I still have negatives from when i was 8 years old.
On the other hand, I have lost digital files of very personal photographs.
I will do everything I can to prevent that from happening ever again.

Be smart, be safe, back it up.
Darn. Wish i could come up with a better slogan

OK, It’s time to check in on the kernel panic. Hopefully the triage went well.


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