If You’re Gonna Lie……..

…at least do a good job of it.

In the four-missile version of the image released Wednesday by Sepah News, the media arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, two major sections (encircled in red) appear to closely replicate other sections (encircled in orange). (Illustration by The New York Times; photo via Agence France-Presse)
the actual deal

Seem that Sepah News, the media arm of the Iran Revolutionary Guards distributed a photo of 4 missiles being launched to every major news service in the world. Unfortunately only 3 of the 4 missiles had actually fired.

The Photoshop police were on the case and discovered the rather obvious manipulation and busted this ruse wide open.

2 points here:
If you are going to lie, do it much, much better. The world is more tech savvy than you think. Plus we have been to this exact place before when a photojournalist was busted peddling altered images with more smoke and fire than had been present at a bombing site.
And the bigger question ( point 2): what is the point of the manipulation? Is it a scarier proposition to see the 4 missiles instead of 3? Is it embarrassing if one didn’t fire?
Or perhaps the aesthetic of 4 majestic missiles launching into the blue sky was a composition that was ruined when one failed to fire?

So yet another lesson here folks: Use Photoshop for good, not evil. And be aware that, although you may only need to remove some blemishes, or darken a background, historical truths can just as easily be altered.

Whatever the reason, it’s still a very scary proposition when missiles that can launch nuclear weapons with deadly accuracy are propagandized.

But you knew all that.

Apple has a huge PR nightmare on their hands as the upgrades to existing iPhones have temporarily ” bricked” the phones. And people with the new iPhones have been sent home without being turned on. The phone that is.
No service, no nothing.
There is currently a 2 hour wait for Apple Tech Support and ATT has been told to refer everyone to Apple.
“Notice: The server problems extend to users who are trying to upgrade their iPhones and iPod Touches to the latest firmware update. In fact, readers should avoid upgrading to iPhone 2.0 until these issues are resolved. Until you are able to connect to the iTunes servers, your iPhone will be left in an unusable state after the 2.0 upgrade”.


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