Day 2 @ CES: Press Day = lotsa lines and lots of folks

Now what that means is that everyone with a press credential goes to a hotel where manufacturers have arranged to present their new news. Alert the media, as the saying goes.
And we were alerted.
Although there were some crazy waits for key presentations (like Samsung), that were 2.5 hours long!
We love ya but, no way.
Others lines were much shorter, but the fact is that a lot of the products had been tipped before CES.
So we like to hit up special press events where smaller companies present their products. Like #Pepcom


Met the folks behind @Dropcam, the simplest home security camera we’ve seen. Why security cams on photoinduced?
Travel ever? Leave your house? Yes, you’re insured but wouldn’t you like to have some visual proof of what went down?

This camera sets up in 10 mins. plugs in anywhere, and watch your home/office from your smartphone. AND have a weeks worth of vid backing you up in the cloud for about $10. a month. It has a built in mic/speaker and allows you to talk to whomever may be on the other side.
OK, maybe you won’t catch a burglar (hopefully, that never happens),but you can tell Rover to stay off the couch from where ever you are in the world. Good dog.


#FitBit, the health tech item we loved last year, must have realized that it was so small, it was easy to lose (yeah, we did that) and announced a wrist band version.
One thing we particularly like about this unit, is it’s ability to track your sleep.

, the airline internet carrier, gave us a real good tip: Seems that the prices have gone up since it was introduced, and the once great deal of $14 for the flight, became $6 for an hour and on up. a cross country trip gets ridiculous. So, the deal is- buy it before you fly, online and pay $14..And if you don’t use it, it remains in your account. Much better.


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had some samples at the show, where you add on a shutter, zoom button, and mode settings to your iPhone. $100? hmmm, maybe.But we just backed it on Kickstarter, and it only costs $47. USD.

#Gazelle was there. Know who they are? Only the best folks to sell your used phones, iPads, etc.
contact them, tell em what you have, and they send a box to ship the unit back to them. they examine, assess, and make you an offer.


Do it. We sold our iPhone 4 for $168. Take it in Amazon credit, and add 10% .Easy, peasey.

More products to come when we wrap up the show.
2 more days.

In the press room with the new media:


and the old guard:


The press do get taken care of, though.

Check this lunch-


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